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Choose the Right Agent
Moving house is one of the most stressful events in your life. Choosing the right Lanarkshire estate agent to work with is a vital first step in trying to alleviate some of that stress. You need to make sure they use the best marketing techniques and are good communicators. This is a must as they are representing you and your property to prospective buyers.
Home Report Valuation is More Indicative of Likely Sale Price Than Your Estate Agents
We are bombarded with conflicting reports on house prices. Some sellers will choose their estate agent based on their initial valuation provided by them. The fact is that people are more likely to pay a purchase price closer to the home report valuation than the valuation by your estate agent.
Increase Your Kerb Appeal
First impressions count. Many buyers are put off a house before they even set foot in the property. So do what it takes to create that lasting first impression. It may only take a basic repair a few slats in a fence or the addition of a few bedding plants. Sometimes it's just the simple things.
De-Clutter and Spruce Up
Making your home appealing doesn't mean a complete overhaul. Freshen up a room with some paint in a neutral colour. Don't go overboard as most people will want to put their own stamp on a new house. Make sure your rooms are clutter-free and as light and airy as possible.
It's the Little Thing that Count
Buyers will be looking at everything that they want to do with the house. Don't let them make a list as long as your arm. Make a list of those annoying little maintenance jobs and get them done. People think if you attended to the small jobs then you will have ignored the bigger ones.
Define Each Room
Try to de-personalise each room within your home. This will enable the buyer to see the potential in the property and how they might furnish it with their own items. It is also essential that each room is displayed for marketing to highlight its purpose.
Give Buyers Space
It is good to highlight the key selling points of your property when conducting viewings.It is also important to let prospective buyers wander unrushed around the property. You want them to feel comfortable and as though they can spend time looking at each room freely.
Make Outdoor Space Count
Outdoor space and gardens are a key selling point for most properties. 37% of British people are choosing to spend more time outside compared to five years ago. If your garden is like an unkempt jungle then you may have an up hill struggle to sell the rest of your property.
Choose the Best Buyer
There will many factors you need to take into consideration when choosing which offer to accept. The highest offer might not always be the smart choice (within reason). People who may have sold their home, are in rented accommodation, chain-free first time buyers, and cash buyers are always more appealing.
Do You Really Need to Move?
Be clear of the reasons behind your desire to move. If you like the area but simply need more space, then why not explore the option of extending or re-configuring your existing property. There are no guarantees in property, therefore ensure you have considered all viable options before signing a contract with your Estate Agent

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